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Brightwood Creative (formerly Taos Design Works) is the freelance business of graphic designer and illustrator Anna Magruder. To view Anna's full art & illustration portfolio, please visit 

Brightwood Creative offers creative, customized design solutions for logos, brand identity, and print materials. I help you stand out from the competition and reach your audience through effective storytelling.


Brightwood Creative is committed to creating engaging and eye-catching design. I strive to understand the essence of my clients' businesses, who their customers are, where they’re coming from, as well as their intent. I guide the design process with my client’s vision at the helm.


Brightwood Creative creates timeless, well-thought-out, and functional logos and brand identities that are distinct, versatile, and appropriate for the target audience. I build your company’s brand by applying consistency and creativity across all visual communications.

A well-designed logo is crucial to establishing brand identity and making a memorable impact on customers. I create powerful logos by distilling complex ideas into a simple, distinct logo mark that captures the spirit of your business.


Brightwood Creative helps businesses like yours look great in print as well as online with conceptual, sharp, eye-catching design. It’s about the experience customers have when they first lay hands on your brochure, menu, or business card. 

From creative concept to printer-ready layouts, I know how to see your projects through to completion.

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